Lion Brand Notebook

Thick & Quick: Now in Bonus Bundles!

T&Q: Now in Bonus Bundles! These jumbo skeins are a reinvention of customer-favorite Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, but they’re made from 100% acrylic fiber, so it’s ideal for people with wool-sensitivity or wool allergies (if this is you, you might want to check out our latest blog post on yarns for wool allergies!). The weight […]

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Meet the New Hygge: Còsagach

There’s a new hygge in town. Meet cosagach, the cozy trend hailing from Scotland, which is popping up everywhere this New Year. It’s pronounced: coze-sag-och, and it’ll probably take us the length of the trend to learn to say it right. For anybody out there who’s still practicing ‘hoo-guh’ everytime they read ‘hygge’, I feel […]

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Color of the Year: We heard ya! & Watch This

We love your feedback! We were blown away by your thoughts and ideas about our Color of the Year post earlier this month. Thank you so much for reading, weighing in, and creating wonderful discussion. Keep reading for some thoughts on the most common questions & comments! And watch this – we’re ready to share […]

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