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My Life In Yarn: Pam Grice

Pam Grice from Colorado Springs, CO @thecrochetpreneur What’s Your Favorite LBY Yarn? Wool Ease Thick & Quick! What brought you to yarn (knitting/crochet)? Ever since I was a little girl, I was creative and the women around me encouraged me to explore and play with all sorts of mediums. My aunt had a bag full…

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My Life In Yarn: Rachelle Rapp

Rachelle Rapp from Perrysburg, OH @cosierandcosier What’s Your Favorite LBY Yarn: It’s impossible to have just one favorite. The first bulky yarn I ever used was Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (specifically in Fisherman) and I have been hooked (pun always intended) ever since. I absolutely love Heartland (Cuyahoga Valley is drop-dead gorgeous) and Jeans, which…

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My Life In Yarn: Corin Purifoy

Corin Purifoy from Milwaukee, WI, USA i.knit.u.knot Q. Favorite LBY Yarn: Just one? Touch of Alpaca. It’s so lush and soft, it’s like touching a cloud! Q. What brought you to yarn (knitting/crochet)? I desperately needed something to do with my hands. I’m an anxious, fidgety person and needed to learn to put that energy into something productive…

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