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July’s Color of the Month is Clay!

Like all of the hues on our Colors of the Year list, Clay is more of a spectrum than a single shade. And it’s one of the most ambiguous of the bunch. Is clay pink, with a hint of taupe? Or more of a brown, with tones of beige? You could even make a case…

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Bring it to the Beach: 5 Free Beach Tote Patterns

If you’re heading to the beach this summer, make sure you bring along everything for the perfect day! There’s nothing like finally making it to the beach or pool, only to realize you forgot SPF, or a juicy book. With the right beach tote, you can have your bag packed and ready for all your…

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Summer Style: 5 Tops to Knit & Crochet

The warmer summer months aren’t exactly the most inspiring time to start a major crafting project, like a sweater. But if you’re eager to keep up your garment-crafting skills no matter the weather, check out these cute tops! These 5 tops are the perfect way to infuse your summer style with your passion for crafting.…

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